Spaces for commercial activities range from management offices where products are imagined, proposed, financed, designed and managed, to the settings where products are sold, like stores, showrooms and galleries. Burgeoning e-commerce venues introduce new factors. We are familiar with appropriate architectural responses to this range of business needs, and are also deftly sensitive to the re-purposing of existing spaces for new uses. Office environments affect the productivity, attitude and well-being of all who pass through them. They mark the lasting impression of a purposeful, well-run and successful business enterprise. At the retail end of the progression of commerce, shops and stores can be as ephemeral and zany as some merchandise is or as sturdy and reliable as other products are, filtered with as much drama and chic as justified. We have a long record of avant-garde retail design for many different kinds of sales environments, including boutique clothing, gifts, personal luggage, jewelry, travel, shoes. Some of these stores are still going strong after 10 – 15 years, with their original design still appearing fresh and attractive in a world of trendy, wildly rotating fashion.

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